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Review written for Doncaster Free Press (December, 2010)

(unedited text below)

What’s the point of being bad if there's no good to stop you? That question forms the crux of Dreamworks’ new animated film, Megamind.

You see, Megamind is not a superhero. Voiced by Will Ferrell, he’s actually the nefarious enemy of the superhero Metro Man (Brad Pitt) but it’s the villain’s story we follow. And after Metro Man departs, what is there for Megamind to do without life seeming rather dull? Where’s the fun in being evil if there’s no-one on the side of good to stand in your way?

Admittedly it’s derivative; The Incredibles and the Austin Powers films weaved similar paths with their superheroes and villains suffering from existential angst, but it’s done with charm and most importantly, humour.

Whether it be the pithy one liners, the incongruity of a villain developing a heart, or the enjoyable parody of the Superman story, replete with Marlon Brando lookalike, there are plenty of laughs to be had.

Tina Fey voices the part of the hot shot reporter, clearly based on Lois Lane, who causes Megamind to rethink his ways. But the course of true love will, as ever, be far from smooth, especially when an even more villainous character (Jonah Hill) emerges.

Whilst the film won’t win prizes for originality, and some of the in-jokes may be lost on the very young, the animation is as well crafted as you’d expect from Dreamwoks. And despite the rather distracting soundtrack of 80s rock songs, the film manages to sustain the entertainment levels until the final credits roll.

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